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Electric motor energy optimizer: Our patent pending technology ensures reduction of electrical energy consumption in stirred vessel without compromising process objectives. A promising technology with potential to reduce electrical energy consumption upto 20%. A unique microprocessor controlled interactive system is designed with inbuilt recipe control and safety interlocks. 






Automatic catalytic reaction system: Our patent pending fully automated catalytic reaction system helps you to reduce catalyst screening time and fast track commercialization.

At the commercial scale this system is useful for screening the catalysts suitable for a chemical process and for obtaining optimum operating parameters. At the laboratory scale, it is useful in the development of new catalyst and studying the catalyst activity and selectivity for the desired product. Our proprietary catalytic reaction system is useful in the evaluation of catalysts, feedstocks and process parameters. Catalytic reaction system is designed with inbuilt recipe control, safety interlocks and handles reaction temperature upto 800°C and pressure 120bar.



Automatic stirred vessel system: Our patent pending fully automated stirred vessel reaction system helps you to improve the productivity of research and fast track commercialization. It is easy to setup and operate without intervention of operator. A microprocessor controlled stirred vessel reaction system is designed with inbuilt recipe control and safety interlocks.

High pressure gas-liquid separator: Our patent pending high pressure gas-liquid separation system help to complete material balance during chemical reactions. Complete condensation of reaction products avoids flashing during discharge. It is equipped with precision control valves; capable of withdrawing liquid upto 1ml.